Learning How To Balance

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We are all performing our own balancing act, cautious not to lean too much in either direction, contemplating each step and considering the elements that surround us. Although at times we may wobble, we can quickly gain balance and move forward. We have mastered the delicate balancing act of life.

This weekend, my husband rummaged through his tool bag until he pulled out his pliers and removed the training wheels off of my daughters bicycle. Each wheel fell to the floor with a clang as he loosened the lug nuts. My daughter eagerly straddled her bike ready to give it a try. I hope she approaches everything in life with enthusiasm and determination.

We told her to be safe and wear a helmet. I hope she always considers safety before pursuing any future endeavor.

We told her to think about where she would be going. Aim for the fence. I hope she always has a goal she is in pursuit of achieving.

We told her not to lean too much in either direction. I hope she always remembers to hold her ground.

We told her to steer clear of any obstacles. I hope she can always be aware and avoid anything that may get in her way.

We told her to put her feet down when she is ready to get off. I hope she is always able to land on her feet.

When she fell, we told her to dust herself off and get back up. I hope she never lets anything or anyone hold her down.

My husband held onto the seat and ran with her until he couldn’t hold on any longer. We were forced to watch, filled with anxiety, hoping she would be okay. I know one day she will be ready to face the world, soaring forward and, ready to conquer. On that day, we won’t have a choice but to let go.

❤ My baby learned how to ride her bike this past weekend. ❤

21 thoughts on “Learning How To Balance

  1. Love it! Good for her! Believe it or not, my 10 year old just learned how to ride a bike for the first time over last summer. My nerves were bonkers but you’re right… it was time and she did it. You must be very proud! 😄

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    • lol I know EXACTLY what you mean!!! 🙂
      I just posted how they are a pain in my butt and then I am tearing up as my girl pedals away – its madness!!!!! I could literally feel time slipping by though. Thank you for reading! 🙂

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      • Thinking that your kids are assholes one minute and adoring the next is called being a “normal” mom 😉 you know how many times a day I want to strangle mine and then 30 seconds later I just want to hug and kiss them? It’s nuts!

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