WHY? – So Much More Than A Crooked Letter


Through hardship and difficult times, pieces of your identity come forth in unexpected ways. I had been unaware of the tremendous pride, which I was carrying within me, until I needed to set it free. There was my enormous ego, which fled, leaving me deserted, feeling empty, mourning its departure. We will all experience hardship and loss throughout our lifetime; it’s how we allow these experiences to shape our identity, influence our choices, and test our bonds with one another.

“Why?” I kept asking, “Why? Why is this happening to me? Why wasn’t I better prepared? Why isn’t there anyone to help?” The many “why’s” which I continued to ask, felt like a whisper at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Despite the absent response, the quiet sense of being ignored in the solitude of my despair, I relentlessly questioned, asking only, “Why?”

An excerpt from my novel.

Photo Credit: http://www.boomsbeat.com

7 thoughts on “WHY? – So Much More Than A Crooked Letter

    • ideally I would like to query agents, scout which one would best fit me and sell my book out the many that are interested, and wait for my six figure publishing deal! LOL No I intend to query agents and if all else fails self publish. You should hit up the Q&A’s with agents on twitter, they seem really interested in that genre.


      • Well, when I get anywhere near a finished product, I will definitely try the query route first, at least for this book. I am also interested in taking my blog or writing a smaller book to Amazon and seeing where that goes. Thanks for the idea about the twitter thing. I will definitely keep my ear out for that. I did have an agent ask for 50 pages at a writer’s conference, so I keep following her on Twitter until so when it’s ready I can at least send that to her.

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      • how was the writers conference? worth the money? That is amazing!! You need to get that novel DONE!!! I always tweet out when they have Q&A but if you #askpub #askeditor #askagent a reputable person usually responds – great networking. Your blog is hilarious and I could def see it turning into something – have you ever read Sh*t My Dad Says Look into it blog turned book & tv series blunt and funny (kind of like you) would be a good comp too


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