Absent Minded Professor Syndrome

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Despite the daily rituals and routines, my son is a driving force, rebelling against regularity. At his tender age of eight years old, he pretty much lives the same day on repeat, as most children do. Routine, routine routine! He has the same homework every day, reading, math and spelling. It is all logged into his agenda book daily, which needs to be signed by a parent. We have the same morning and nightly routines that one would expect in any household with children. Pretty standard stuff right? Β One would think so.

It could be viciously snowing out, freezing cold temperatures in the dead of winter, when my son charges off of the bus after full day at school. There is only one problem. “Where’s your coat?”

We sit down to do homework, part of the aforementioned routine, and sort through the contents of his backpack. There is just one problem. “Where are your books?”

We are getting ready to leave the house, all six of our family members waiting by the door to leave. There is just one problem. “Where are your shoes?”

I suppose its more than just “one” problem, but every time I am always sincerely surprised. I honestly just cannot believe that he hasn’t mastered the routine of his life by now. I should mention that he receives great grades in school and his reading is well above his grade level. He is no doubt a very intelligent boy. Intelligent but dumb!

I am at my wits end and losing patients . . .

26 thoughts on “Absent Minded Professor Syndrome

  1. It could be worse. Like finding the toilet full of business with no toilet paper in there (my daughter is too busy to wipe). He may be forgetful, but he makes up for it by being so darned cute. Hopefully they will grow out of it πŸ™

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    • Oh, you are just a fan! I have shared that terror in finding a toilet with no paper. They not only forget to wipe but they forget to flush! Have we taught them nothing? I am so happy my fellow parents can relate!! xoxo ❀


  2. Hardly alone. I am just too embarrassed or shocked myself to share what my teenagers manage to (not) manage…….like my 16 year old lost 3 history books in as many months – 3 copies of the same book lost 3 times.
    **Probably inherited trait from me: drove my then toddlers 3 hours on Christmas to grandmothers formal day and I carried them both inside because I had forgotten both of their shoes.

    You rock!

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    • Oh thank you!! This really does make me feel better! I’m telling you sometimes I really worry about this kid and others I’m completely annoyed, like really????? LOL And us mothers get a pass on the forgetfulness – we have to remember EVERYTHING for EVERYONE , so if a shoe gets left behind or the overpriced cake you bought to bring (which is usually what I forget πŸ˜‰ ) than so be it – at least we have all the kids and their alive!!! Thank you for your kind words and taking the time to read!!!! πŸ™‚ WE ROCK!!!!


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