What the Library Means To Me – Book Nerds Where Are You?

I wrote this some time ago for a library writing contest and won! I really couldn’t believe it. I ❤ the library! Here’s to my inner nerd!!

Why I Love my Library

Throughout my life, I have always been drawn to the library.  The large brick structure stands strong, protecting the authors and valued pages of literature that it houses.  As a child, during summer, I would walk through the automatic sliding doors, letting the icy cool air engulf me, leaving the hazy sun behind. I would browse the endless spines of eye-catching titles, printed in fancy calligraphy or block font. The choices were limitless, leaving me dizzy and indecisive.  The library was a good friend to me then, as I thumbed through the pages of my R.L. Stine, “Goosebumps” series, quietly sitting in the adult section, feeling mature at age 10.  The library provided me with one autobiography after another, as I obsessively read through volumes, on every person I recognized.  The library was calm, sensible, and willing to keep me company, until my curfew beckoned me home.

​Eventually, the library would become a tutor for me, as I researched information in the reference section, for countless hours, to prepare for a school report.  It was where I would seek help for my next Regents exam, or SAT test.  Sifting through books on biology and mathematics, the library supported me through my education, aided me, in reaching for a higher test score.

​The library is a second hand thrift store, where I could sit and browse through a respectable selection of books, and have the joy of walking out with ownership of a piece of literature, for only a dime. A small present for myself, purchased with the change rolling around on the bottom of my purse.

​The library is a knowledgeable mother, guiding me through parenthood.  Providing suggestions on ways to soothe a sleepless baby, tips on discipline, and holding my hand, when it came time for the ever-so-dreaded, potty training.    The library saw me through my challenges as a new mother.

​The library is a teacher, allowing me to learn about any topic, from filing taxes, to writing novels, along with the best ways one can explore Disney World.  I can sit and learn for countless hours, from the wisdom that the library embodies.

​The library is my office, where I went to inquire about civil service employment opportunities. It is where I go when my computer is down, or I need to make copies.  The reference desk awaits me, if my documents need to be notarized, or they simply require a staple.

​The library is both a coach and cheerleader, encouraging reading for all age groups, with rewards and prizes.  Ringing my phone and delivering good news, I can collect my winnings!  Generously providing my children with a weekly prize, and allowing them to be exciting about reading.  Graduating them through reading clubs, as they excel and develop their reading-skills.

​The library is a Mommy-and-Me, where I went to sing songs, and listen to fairy tales in the community room. My tiny tots would sit in my lap, clapping their chubby, little hands to the cheerful melodies.  As toddlers, my children engaged in the singing and dancing, playing with puppets, and a simple musical instrument or two.

​The library is an art class, where my children and I can walk in and decorate a treasure box, or color a wooden snake.  They can create a picture frame, or a present for Dad, for Fathers’ Day. The library is inventive and creative, allowing us to leave with a parting gift of some sort.

The library is an app on my tablet. Access to a new and interesting read is just a few clicks away, anytime, anywhere.

​The library is a media super-center, generously providing the latest DVD releases, as well as the classics.  It’s where my family goes to plan an epic movie night.  The library provides music for an upcoming party, or just for my daughters, to sing and dance along to, in the living room.

​The library is a hideaway, for my four children, and I. It is where we go when the snow is piled high to our knees, and when the rain leaves the playground soggy. It is a place to escape to, as I did so long ago, when the summer sun beat down relentlessly.  My affection for the library is a trait, which I have proudly passed down to my children.  The library has provided countless bedtime stories, for their heavy eyes, and early-reader books, as they struggled to sound out each letter.

The library is a place that is expansive in wisdom, and an infinite source of creativity. The library is not just a building, but it’s a thriving part of our community.  The staff is warm and inviting, helpful and educated. The library is a haven for my family, where we are known by name. The knowledge, memories, and friends that we have gained, at the library, has made an indelible impression on the life of my family.

22 thoughts on “What the Library Means To Me – Book Nerds Where Are You?

  1. augustmacgregor says:

    A beautiful love letter to libraries. You’ve captured that awe of going to the library as a kid and just being swept up with all the books. I remember thinking, “You mean I can bring a whole stack of these books home?! And do it again next week?!” I still use the library, and I’m immensely grateful for it. And congrats for winning the contest!

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  2. My first library experiences were in a small town, where I rode my bike to the library, yes, escaping the heat, sitting in the cool, pleather chairs, reading Lois Lowry, Beverly Cleary, and Judy Blume among others. My real taste for libraries developed around age 12, when I got to the big city branch card, which my mother signed off on, allowing me access to ALL the books.
    I now take my children to that exact same library, which smells exactly like it did in 1987. It’s fantastic.
    They’re going to build a new library closer to us, and we’re all excited about that 😀

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    • I love your library story!! I love those authors too!! I have read them all ❤ I take my children to my same childhood library too and I am excited every time!! A new library & closer – sounds like you hit the jackpot!!! You should blog about when its up and running!! I'd love to read all about it!! Take me along 🙂 Thank you for reading and sharing!!!

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  3. Beautifully written. It’s no wonder you won the contest.

    You sound just like me growing up. The library was a haven; a treasured place that sparked my imagination.

    I feel sorry for kids today. There’s so much entertainment online that I wonder if teens actually visit the library any more. I never see any when I’m there. (Besides my own.) With the internet and google, does anyone have to learn the Dewy decimal system? Or learn to do research only from books? It’s sad, but it feels like a lost art.

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    • Oh the Dewy Decimal system!! All of those cards stuffed in those tiny adorable little drawers. I know, I completely agree, and the sad thing is these kids believe, if its on the internet it MUST be true!!! I was just at the library with my kids today, they had a circus act put on a show for the kids. they loved it!! they are still little and don’t have a choice,
      I hope the library sticks with them a little bit when they are older!! Thank you so much for reading 🙂 & your kind words!!


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