A Letter To My Son

My son just recently turned eight!  I am in shock as I sort through photographs of him, tiny and chubby, but still ever so handsome.  Now when he hugs me his head rests just under my chin.  In his class, his teacher plans a week long celebration for the birthday child.  One of the ways to celebrate was to have me write him a letter.  So I did. Here it is.

Dear My Eight Year Old Boy,

In Paris, France there is a bridge called the Pont Marie. This bridge is known as the “Kissing Bridge” because it is believed if you kiss your true love and make a wish as you pass underneath, the wish will come true.  Some time ago, your father and I took a boat ride down the Seine in Paris. When we passed under this famous bridge, we kissed, and I made a wish.  Nine months later, my wish came true, it was you.

As my first child, you changed me from being just a woman to a mother. I will always be grateful to you, as I believe being a mother is one of my purposes in life.

You have grown into an amazing person. You are athletic, smart and funny.  You are extremely talented in your writing and drawings. I have seen you be a great friend to others and a role model to your sisters.  You are compassionate, caring and patient, you have to be with three younger sisters!

As you know, I always ask you to do your best.  The reason is because I know that your best will take you wherever you want to go in life.  Please always remember this. Oh, and good hair helps! 😉

To an awesome, extraordinary 8 year old, Happy Birthday! We are always here for you and will always support you.

Always know, all the love I have in my heart, I have for you!




Write letters to your children and save them! I am grateful to have been asked to do this and intend on continuing to write all of my children a letter every year.  What do you think?

7 thoughts on “A Letter To My Son

  1. xoxolovedee says:

    That’s a great idea! My oldest is 9, isn’t weird how fast they’ve turned into actual people? I still picture her as a little chunky dolly that used to lay in my arms. 😭

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    • Yes I know. That is why I wrote “I Blinked” I feel the same way. Some days I’m overwhelmed and crazy and then there are moments where I don’t know how we got here. It went by too fast! I like the idea of writing a letter too. Thanks for reading!!

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  2. That’s a great tradition to start. At the moment I write little journal entries of moments where my little one has made me laugh or swell with pride or cry and laugh with frustration..and sometimes I read these little stories to him. While he’s still too young to understand, it helps me remember those moments and I relive them again..

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  3. I have written in journals for years. Someday my sons (26 & 28) will read them I am sure. Some of the stuff will be funny, some sad and some probably a shock…but it is something I am so glad I have done. I pray someday those journals will mean something to them! Great post! Keep making memories!


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