The People I Live With

I’m worn down. Underneath my nose is chapped and raw, as I take in a series of short breaths.  My eyes are watery, my bones are achy and worst of all, I can’t taste my coffee.  My symptoms come as no surprise, just proof of the affection I have received from the people I live with.  These same people have been screaming and whining throughout the house, like a sword slicing through my ear drums.  They have been arguing and fighting, tumbling down to the floor, vibrating the walls. I am forced to live with people that are slobs, leaving piles of their things everywhere, dishes in the sink and a trail of dirty laundry. Sharing a bathroom with them has become intolerable, toothpaste on the vanity, paper on the floor, and you can almost always count on a surprise waiting in the toilet.  I live with an inconsiderate bunch, just when I sit, they ask for a favor.  Just when I take my first bite, they beg for seconds.  I cohabitate with the most unorganized group of people you could imagine.  The moment they put anything down, its lost!  Better yet, they rely on my ability to see before they are able to use anything. These people have no consideration for boundaries and what belongs exclusively to me. They are constantly asking for help, always needing, always wanting.

Just when I decide, “I’ve had enough, I’m going to find a new place to live,” they widen their adorable little eyes, reach their tiny little arms around my neck and call me “mommy.”

Although they aren’t the ideal housemates, I do love them anyway!

It has just been a rough day!

31 thoughts on “The People I Live With

  1. I get it. I have days that are incredibly rough too. We are in a particularly tough season with potty trainers, a toddler and a very emotional 7 year old. Plus a nursing baby. And really hungry teenagers. Plus, we’ve had so many medical costs this year that we are flat broke.

    I told my hubby that God is keeping me poor so I don’t buy a plane ticket. Haha

    I know the rough days, the rough seasons. They pass. Then new ones come. It’s good that you are writing it all down. It will help keep your mental health good.

    I know some days you feel like writing yourself little notes to tape around like “whiskey won’t solve anything” or “put down that hammer,” or “vehicular manslaughter is wrong.”

    Hang in there. Things will get better. Just give it five years.

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  2. They are an inconsiderate bunch, aren’t they? Sounds like our roommates have much in common. At least they’re cute. Imagine if they weren’t??
    I love this post. It made me smile, and reminded me that we are indeed, all in the same boat.
    Hope you feel better soon. Cheers! To solidarity amongst overworked Mommy’s who write shit down. Awesome!

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  3. xoxolovedee says:

    Being a mom is a thankless job. But looking into their little eyes & seeing them learn & grow makes it all worthwhile. Husbands on the other hand…lol. I joke. Great post!

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  4. Why is that, just when I take a bite, they ask for seconds? Just when I’m on the phone, they need me? Yes, the hugs and kisses and big brown eyes do make it all worth it, as does knowing we are not alone on this crazy ride called motherhood, right? 🙂 Wonderful post. So glad to connect this way!


    • YES!!! Thank you so much for reading and you kind words!! I’m very grateful for this outlet and to be able to connect with other women that can relate!! We are not alone!!!! LOL Thank you again!


  5. Some days I tell the Dwarves (3 and 5) I am considering selling them on the internet. Older Dwarf is beginning to figure out it’s easier said than done. Time to find another strategy ;-). Great post!


  6. Ahideexo says:

    This resonated with me deeply! especially since the fam & I are ALL coming out of a bad cold! All I’ve wanted the past few days is to be snuggled up in my bed with Vicks Vapor Rub all over, box of tissues & my DVR, sigh, but with 3 little boys running around it is impossible to even walk in the bathroom to blow my nose without one of them racing in to “beat me” to the tissues lol I feel your pain girlie!

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