A New Year In New York

For the first time in a long time I was able to spend New Years Eve with my husband, as he usually has to work at Times Square.  So what did we do?  Went to Times Square of course!!!

As the clock was ticking away towards 9pm, we were just getting into the car with a steaming hot cup of coffee in hand, city bound. Too late for a 45 minute commute on New Years?  Not for us!

There is a scene in the movie Goodfellas, when Henry courts Karen and takes her VIP into an exclusive club. This is always how it feels when we go into the city.

Just as Henry leaves his car with the valet, we leave our car parked conveniently on a city street, just steps away from our destination.  As we quickly skip down the subway stairs, careful not to touch the railings, he pulls out a set off keys and unlocks the iron gate, holding it open for me as I stroll through, no icky turnstile or line of people waiting to scan their MetroCard.

When the short subway melody echos throughout the train, alerting passengers of the next stop, we stand, bracing our feet, ready to get off as the doors briefly slide open.  Nearing the top of the stairs, leaving the warmth of the subway behind us, we are faced with barricades and a group of people being turned away.  No entry! No problem, not for us. With an inconspicuous flash of his wallet, the barriers are parted allowing us through.  We sliced through crowds of people, pleading with excuses trying to get past barricade after barricade, we are pleasantly let through with greetings and best wishes for the New Year.

There, right in the middle of Times Square, the ball 141 feet in air peering down at us, we walk in between the pens bursting with people packed in, shoulder to shoulder. I will say, the ball, which has so much emphasis and worship on this special night, is so teeny tiny small.  I just don’t get it.

Close up

 We walk pass random people with press passes around their neck, focusing intently on their part of the New Years Eve production.

Walkthrough                                                 photo 5 (4)

We passed Carson Daily and Chrissy Teigan, smiling at the camera, pretending not to be freezing.

Carson Daily

On our right, Ryan Seacrest was in the middle of his broadcast, informing viewers of the energy buzzing throughout the city.

Ryan Secrest

We saw Jenny McCarthy getting her make up touched up, and although I hate to say it, she looked like plastic, in a weird way. Her husband Donnie Wahlberg was patiently standing next to her.


(Perfect photo bomb from a random guy, right?)

As the night carried out, Taylor Swift appeared in her perfectly fitted wool pea coat, emphasizing her minuscule waist, hyping up the crowd and waiver to her fans, while Ryan Seacrest stands next to her waiting to start the brief interview.

Taylor Swift

Also waiting for their turn to take the stage, Georgia Line was just hanging out, joking and laughing, like a group of true friends

Country Group

Amidst the three layers of clothing, winter coat, gloves, earmuffs, hat and scarf , it was freezing. By the end of the night, my feet were numb and my hands aching from the cold.  I couldn’t image the approximately one million people standing there waiting from early that morning. I had difficulty uploading my videos (which is why you don’t see any clips of Taylor Swifts performance either), however I will try to convey the magic carried by the brisk wind of last night. When the countdown started, confetti began to fall and the tiny ball pulsed with florescent colors.  A crowd of what felt like more than a million, chanted down the seconds to midnight. And just like in Cinderella, when the clock stroke twelve, genuine, awestruck magic filled the city, sending chills through your spine and tingling your skin. I didn’t notice the cold or anyone’s social status, we were all equally apart of the experience. While embracing my husband during the first few seconds of the New Year, confetti continued to rain from the sky with vengeance, in which you couldn’t see a few feet in front of you. Pulling the delicate pieces of tissue paper out of my hair, an array of handwritten wishes were written on each one. Pure blissful magic!

From my New Years in New York, I wish nothing more but for each wish to come true!