Bittersweet Birthday Cake

From the second they place your newly born baby into your arms your life has changed. Not only because of the sleepless nights and endless diapers, but also because there is a person that you instinctively love more than yourself. I have received so much joy experiencing life through their perspective. Getting another chance to feel excited over the first snow fall or the last the day of school. Raising my children has allowed me to reminisce on my own childhood, to feel the magic I once believed in.


Today my youngest child turned five. As I write it, I still cannot believe it to be true. It feels like the closing of a chapter that is bittersweet. No more toddlers running through the house with bad pronunciations and a desire to stay in the nude. No more little fingers pinching away at scattered cheerios, or toothless grins. No more wobbly feet desperate to walk and no more teeny, tiny hands grasping onto my pinky finger.

There are many things I will not miss from that era of babyhood through toddler-hood, but somehow those details fade to the background, slightly out of focus.

My youngest child is now five.

Now, here I am, navigating through parenting with their childhood fully bloomed, inflated with feelings of their self esteem, curiosity, stress, fear, ego, anger, just to name a few. As a mother, I feel as though somebody turned the parenthood dial up a few notches. There is more to it than just maintaining their life and teaching them not to bite people. I feel an innate urge to ensure they are each emotionally okay, despite the world of influences they face everyday when they step out over the threshold of our home.

“A mother is only as happy as her unhappiest child.”

An accurate statement loaded with stress and heartache, which cannot be avoided. I know that in a few years, when they cross over to the next plateau of their life, I’ll probably look back and think how easy I had it. Tears and frustrations will fade and I will be in amazement of how fast time is passing and how bittersweet it is that they are minimally in my presence.

However, today I am working hard to make sure they have a childhood they can recall upon one day to fill them up with joy and reminisce the magic they were able to experience when they could rely on their mommy to fix their mishaps and make them feel loved unconditionally.

Happy 5th birthday to my last born child.


14 thoughts on “Bittersweet Birthday Cake

  1. Aw, you made me well up!
    Sweet, if bittersweet. I felt overwhelming emotion when my oldest nephew turned five. Something about five seemed so ‘non-baby’ and well, you know what it’s like when you’ve got other peoples’ kids to spoil. It wasn’t the same with my own kids. Getting them all in school was like that, and then getting them all out of carseats — well let’s just say, it’s always been sweet, if bittersweet. It’s such a remarkable journey, isn’t it? I can tell you feel as honored as I do.
    I really loved that phrase about a mother is only as happy as her unhappiest child. That’s beautiful.

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    • Oh thank you!! Yes it really is an honor despite the craziness it’s when we are at a milestone that I am able to take a step back and reflect! It is simply amazing!! Thank you again for taking the time to read.


    • Yes, I know you understand how easy it is to get lost in the daily chaos of just trying to get each kid to put on shoes and eat one piece of broccoli but for some reason this birthday stuck a chord with me. Reminding me that they don’t stay little forever. Thank you for always being supportive.

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