Confession: I should be at the gym right now!  No one will be upset that I am not there, climbing away on the stair machine.  No one will even know.  Well, except for me, and you, but you won’t say anything right?

Confession: I have been paying for a gym membership for a few months now and have gone a handful of times.  Again, no one really cares, or says anything to me about it. Perhaps that’s the problem.

I’d rather, work on my novel, read a book, which I hope will improve my writing or give me ideas, or work on my blog.  Like now.  All of these acts, require me to sit on my butt, preferable with a cup of coffee and maybe a small sweet snack.  Does this count as following my passion or just lack of motivation to be healthy?  Hmm.  Don’t answer that.

If you look around at people as they get older, you can tell who took care of themselves. I don’t want to be one of those people, struggling to walk, in poor health. I want to be a little spit fire, zipping around everyone, with a zest for life! I want to be like Jane Fonda! Yeah!  I know, she is rich and probably had “work” done.  You’re right, she did make all of those exercise videos and stayed fit.

Okay, Fine! I’ll go to the gym. . . . tomorrow.  😉


My fitness motivation.

Photo Credit: Sportsphoto LTD/Allstar

14 thoughts on “TO BE OR NOT TO BE?

  1. RS says:

    I know how ya feel! I cling to the excuse that I can’t exercise as long as my kids are around – every time I try to hold the plank pose, a toddler climbs on my back! But the people who want to do it just do it anyway. You’re secret is safe with me, but I wish you better luck tomorrow 😉

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    • The thought of being able to exercise in the house, just ruined more than half of my excuses!!! We can’t have that!! LOL Yes, sigh. . tomorrow.

      Thank you for taking the time to read!!!


  2. xoxolovedee says:

    Does dancing around the kitchen whiles making muffins count as a workout? 😜 Boo! I’ll work out when it’s warmer…but i want to be in shape when it’s warmer…😩

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    • The struggle is real!! I know!!
      If your are asking me – then yes! ANY movement is exercise – I rolled over in bed and brushed my teeth, even that counts, right? I’ll answer for you- Sure it does! It all adds up. This type of thinking makes me happy 🙂 Whats healthier than that?!! 😉

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  3. Oh I’ve been there!!! In fact, that was me this morning. But I grabbed my green tea and scrolled through my instagram feed. There, lives my inspiration. Nothing but images and quotes of my “Fitness Family”. But I do have an addition to the gym now, it’s the getting up part that’s hard for me.

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    • You have become apart of my motivation. When I begin to consider going to the gym – I will think to myself “Domina has already gone to the gym @ 5am and she did 1000 sqats” and when you are tired and don’t want to wake up you must think ” I have to get up, mamalisa4 is counting on me!” LOL I love your post on your blog and appreciate you taking the time to read!! Thank you!!


  4. If your following your dream, then you are excused from having to go to the gym. Right? On that note….Does reading about healthy living count as trying to live healthier? Thats it! We are going to the gym. Next week. 😁

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    • If you are a good friend, you will come over here and drag my by my ankles. BE MEAN TO ME!! I fear thats the only way!

      No! No! I am going to go! I can do this! I CAN DO THIS! (eye of the tiger song playing in my head)
      Thank you for reading!! xo


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