A Post for Peace

My husband goes to work, as so many men do.  However, instead of picking up his dry cleaning and knotting his tie, he velcros on his steel plated vest, resting over his heart and loads his weapon, securing it on his hip.  Tonight, I squeeze him for a second longer before he walks out my door, acknowledging the potential danger which he may encounter, unlike most days when I push frightening thoughts out of my mind.  Tonight, we all face the reality of the sacrifice of his profession.  His shiny metal badge and patch on his arm are more than a uniform today, they are a target.  Before I lay my head down at night, I whisper a prayer into my pillow, asking for his safety, the safety of my two brothers and two cousins, who also share his occupation, along with the thousands of others who willingly go to work wearing armor, hoping it will keep them alive, if need be.

The other day my husband was asked to wear his vest and gun at all times.  As police officers were being followed home from work and beaten.  Yesterday, two officers were assassinated, execution style while sitting on post in their police car. It is very easy to have an opinion of someones actions, however if I injected a spectator in the same scenario they would be afraid, because being a police officer is a scary job.  They go to work hoping not to get into an altercation. They respond to a domestic call, walking in blindly into strangers homes.  They show up after the rape, after the kidnap and after the tragic car wreck.  The things these men and women see and deal with is enough to put any normal being into therapy for the rest of their days.  However the men and women who serve and protect, are brave, strong and intelligent individuals, which we rely on to right the wrong, show up when we are desperate and afraid and protect us as a society.

Tonight I cringe as the loud clack of metal echos through the hallway.  He ever so cautiously lock and reloads then slings his weapon on his hip.  This post is a prayer for peace and an end to violence against the men and women going to work, doing their job.  My condolences go out the the families that lost a hero.


26 thoughts on “A Post for Peace

  1. I’ve been praying for officers across the nation ever since Fergusen (and even longer than that.) I can’t imagine how hard it is to send your loved ones out to this career. It’s such a sacrifice. We need them. Police officers are a gift.

    May God bless your husband and family members, may He protect them and keep them safe and return them to you each day.

    This was a beautiful post. My heart is breaking for all the families of the fallen officers.

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  2. Prayers for you, your husband, and your family today and everyday. It is him and people like him that give mothers like me the sense of security to lay their kids in their own beds each night to sleep and trust that all will be well in the morning. God bless you all.

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  3. Oh how your words gave me goose bumps. I have nothing but awe and pride for your husband, those in his line of work, and the families of these brave protectors of our peace. I can’t imagine the strength it takes to say goodbye in the morning as he goes off to work – would scare me silly.

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    • Oh thank you for taking the time to read. He works nights, and I usually just think of him as delivering the mail or something. Its just scary when the police are being hunted down. Thank you for your kind words. 🙂


  4. Lisa, as always your posts are inspiring and poetic.
    This has brought me to tears.
    It is these men and women who go to work and mask their fears daily – especially right now. The honor is to also be extended to spouses like you who are ever so brave, strong, and supportive. Thank you to the police like your husband. And thanks to the spouses like yourself that live life daily providing crucial support of such individuals. May God be with you all.

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  5. Reblogged this on vivalovealways and commented:
    Although I have not met this talented writer face to face, we have spent time over a cup of coffee or two; relating our thoughts on the world, our empathy for one another’s almost potential breakdowns, and of course encouraging the writer within. To add, we both personally know a very special person and friend.
    It is with my honor and pleasure that I reblog this post on my own page. The subject matter brings so many close to home. Thank you mamlisa4 for this incredibly inspiring and supportive piece to our police officers and their families all over our country and around the world. xoxo (mwah!)


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